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Introducing the Vegan Muscle Building Project, designed and led by Master Trainer and host of the Vegan Body Revolution Show Thomas Tadlock.

Get the fast vegan muscle mass digital training system, 24/7 support from Thomas & start wowing your friends, family, co-workers and MEAT-EATING friends with more vegan muscle and strength.

Dear Friend,

My name is Thomas Tadlock and I am honored for the opportunity to protect you from making common training and vegan nutritional mistakes that end up reversing your gains. I am so pumped to hand you our plateau-busting shortcuts to pack-on lean muscle, transform "weak body parts," and kill fat so you keep your abs the entire time.

In the first few weeks you'll go through a new growth spurt utilizing my fast muscle-modeling training and nutrition methods that have created the natural 100% plant-based muscle mass that turned my vegan body from scrawny to buff.

I have organized all of these methods into video, audio, and workbook training modules so you can build all the vegan muscle mass you want quickly and easily.

Here were some of the results:



Chest: +3.0"
Left Arm: +1.3"
Right Arm: +2.7"
Hips: -0.75"
Waist: -1.25"
Left Thigh: +0.65"
Right Thigh: +0.65"
Left Calf: +0.75"
Right Calf: +1.4"
Shoulders: +0.5"

"I would like to say thank very much for providing this course. This was a God sent. Since I became a vegan I have been struggling to find a meal plan that works for me. I felt like I became weak, but since I did your amazing program I have felt my energy, strength, and confidence come back. Thank you and God bless. Please let me know of what new courses you will have available in the future......looking forward to the next challenge" -Larry Mansell


Body Fat: -2.0%
Left Arm: +0.25"
Right Arm: +0.25"
Hips/Butt: +1.5"
Waist: +0.25"
Left Thigh: +0.25"
Right Thigh: +0.25"
Shoulders: +0.75"

"It's pretty incredible. This program shatters the misconceptions of muscle building on a vegan diet. I am extremely happy about my results. Within the first two weeks people in my office were noticing my arms through my shirt.

I have definitely built muscle and feel so strong, normally at this weight would feel very heavy and slow!

This program has given me a renewed fire to push myself to my limits. I have just done personal training sessions once a week and that is just not enough to build the kind of muscle I did on this program. I definitely would recommend this program, especially to those who are not vegan already." -Jen Salik


Weight: +19.0 lbs
Body Fat: -2.2%
Left Arm: +1.25"
Right Arm: +1.0"
Hips/Butt: +1.0"
Waist: -0.5"
Left Thigh: +0.75"
Right Thigh: +0.75"
Shoulders: +2.0"

"I did not expect to gain nineteen pounds and two and a half inches on my chest and shoulders! I’m looking a lot buffer than I was a month ago and all of my friends have been absolutely astounded at the amount of muscularity I’ve been able to achieve. I am more energized and physically motivated than I can remember being in years.

I can’t possible stress the effectiveness and awesomeness of this program enough!

Thanks so much; I couldn’t be more grateful!" -Joe Nash


Weight: +2.2 lbs
Body Fat: -1.0%
Chest: +1.13"
Left Arm: +0.25"
Right Arm: +1.0"
Hips/Butt: +0.25"
Waist: -2.13"
Left Thigh: +2.25"
Right Thigh: +2.0"
Left Calf: -0.5"
Right Calf: -0.38"
Shoulders: +0.38"

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The Vegan Muscle Building System is 100% digital.
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Today you can decide to take your physique to new levels and explode your muscular limits with our 100% plant-based system – We will teach you how to create massive muscular growth and incredible strength without the use of drugs, helping you achieve physical perfection naturally.



Fast Muscle, 100% Plant-Based,
Designed By A Master Celebrity Trainer!

What's Included:

  • Vegan Muscle Nutrition Plan ($65 value) - the meal-by-meal eating strategy that tells you what to eat, how much, and how to properly time your meals for maximum muscle building. It also comes with a list of foods to avoid to minimize fat gain. It also comes complete with Thomas' personal day to day meal plan that he uses to build his massive physique. The entire vegan muscle nutrition plan is printable.
  • Vegan Muscle Workout Manual ($75 value) - A lifetime of muscle building workouts, designed by Thomas, to get you as strong and massive as possible every week. Every single muscle building workout that you will do on this program is simply laid out in this manual. The set includes printable workout log sheets with the exercise names, sets, and rep columns already built-in.
  • 5-Part Video Training Series ($500 value) - Thomas personally coaches you through every aspect of the program, step by step, so you do everything right, and get every last ounce of muscle out of it. You will be hand-held through the nutrition program, the workout program, and be receiving invaluable knowledge gems as he teaches you his in-the-trenches insight on how to build vegan muscle fast. There are also downloadable audio versions in MP3 format so you can load them onto your favorite music player, smart phone, or even burn them onto CDs.
  • Fast Muscle Mass Exercise Instructional Videos ($50 value) - Thomas shows you how to perform each muscle mass building exercise that you will do in this program. The videos can be viewed on a computer, tablet, and most smart phones so you can even take them with you to the gym.
  • Unlimited Online Support ($500 value) - You will have complete access to Thomas via a private facebook group where you can ask questions, post your diet logs, training logs, progress pictures, and connect with the other participants. Thomas will be personally watching over you as you go through your transformation. The online group is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, and there is no limit to the amount of support you can receive.

Can I do this?

• If you are willing to be vegan or willing to go 100% vegan and workout, then YES!

• If you have access to a health club or equivalent, then YES!

• If you are willing to eat a lot of vegan protein (options are tofu, tempeh, seitan, and your favorite vegan protein powder), then YES!

• If you are willing to perform intense, resistance training workouts 4 times per week, then YES!

• If you are willing to be very sore as your muscles grow, then YES!

• If you are will to follow a nutrition program to the letter, then YES!

• If you are willing to track your results, before and after pictures, and measurements, then YES!

• Because all the content you will receive is 100% digital, there is no way to return the system, there are no refunds

If you said yes to all of the above, then you can build some serious vegan muscle fast, and because you've read this far and are visiting the site today, you have the opportunity to get the full $1,190 vegan muscle package with unlimited support from Thomas with just one easy payment of $75.

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The Vegan Muscle Building System is 100% digital.
No physical products will be shipped.

I am absolutely thrilled to help make a difference in your life by helping you add some serious vegan muscle to your frame. We can't wait to see the gains that you are going to make in the next few weeks and BEYOND. Your success is my success, so let's crush it! Are you with me?


Thomas Tadlock

Vegan Muscle Project